Pro-Enterprises is your complete outdoor service provider:

Pro-Cut Lawn Maintenance

Lawn and bed maintenance, mulch installation, seasonal cleanup, trim shape, and weed control.

Pro-Scapers Hard Scaping

Hardscaping services, incluing brick patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, and more.


Mosquito and outdoor pest removal on a regular or one-time basis.


Asphalt seal coating, patching and repairs, and pavement marking.

Mequon, Wisconsin
Paint Marking

Repairing and maintaining your cracks will help prevent water from penetrating into your sub base which is a major cause of pavement failure. Crack filling will prevent freeze/thaw movement, minimize the crack growth, and prevent vegetation from growing on your asphalt.

If left unattended, open cracks will begin to compromise the qualities of your pavement surface and eventually lead to the need for repairs and/or replacement.

Cracks over ¼ ” will be cleaned out and back filled with sand. Then the cracks will be filled with a hot rubberized crack filler that will meet or exceed federal specifications. Finally, we will spread silica sand over the cracks to prevent tracking and to promote sealer adhesion.